Love Me? ラブ・ミー?

I rarely ever get the chance to experiment since I’m constantly working, but I decided to draw a quick sketch in a style completely different from my usual moé style. So here’s something a little more sophisticated, yet still a bit cute. Kinda Gyaru-looking, right?

Love Me? ラブミー?

Magical Miyuki

I illustrated this piece for Otaku News last year, but I thought it’d be interesting to post the work-in-progress images next to the final as I rarely show my rough/unfinished stuff online.

The sketch was done in Photoshop, the neat outlines were inked in SAI, and finally the colours and textures were done back in Photoshop.

Eva @ J-Pop Go (Vibe Bar 15th July 2012)

Earlier in July this year I was approached by J-Pop Go to design a new outfit for the chibi version of Eva-chan, to be used as an animation projected onto a large screen that would be synced with the singing of Marshmallow LLama Time and GreenTea Bon Bon, both of which are up and coming girl idol groups from the UK.

The original Eva mascot which I designed in 2009 looked like this:


I was happy to revisit the character which I hadn’t drawn in several years, and I had lot of fun designing the costume for the new Eva which was heavily inspired by Natsuko Aso and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.


You can see Eva in action performing in the background with Marshmallow Llama Time!

London Anime Con 5 – Thank You!

Just wanted to write up this post to say a big thank you to everyone who attended London Anime Con on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July.

Many people showed their support by viewing my work at my artist’s table, purchasing my art products and listening to my talk “Making It As A Manga Artist” which I presented on the main stage in front of a huge hall of people!

It was my very first time giving a talk to the public, so I was very nervous and had a bad chesty cough but I hope everyone found the talk interesting and useful! Also, thanks to all those who gave me positive feedback on my work and my talk, I really appreciate it!

The event was a lot of fun, I took part in the Otaku Fashion Show on the Saturday and modelled my first original t-shirt design “Cupcake Bunny” on stage, wearing it in a casual Sweet Lolita coordinate in white x blue. On Sunday, I wore the black version of the t-shirt in a more retro-looking red x black Lolita outfit.

Alongside the launch of my “Cupcake Bunny” t-shirts were art prints, postcards, badges, keyrings, magnets, a copy of Talking To Strangers, copies of the Eyeko comic, and some CDs for sale. I’m planning to sell a wider variety of products at future events.

If anyone would like to buy a t-shirt, I will be taking online orders shortly but for now you can check out how they look when worn~!

Thanks to my friend Francisco for taking photos of my experience at LAC.


Guest Appearance at London Anime Con!

If anyone is free on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July, then come along to London Anime Con! I will be attending this event as a guest and giving a manga talk plus selling stuff at my artist table~

My panel, “Making It As A Manga Artist” is scheduled to take place on Sun 1st July at 2pm.

You can get tickets at or on the door. Hope to see many of you there!


Minamicon 18

A few months ago, I created artwork for Minamicon (16th – 18th March 2012), which is an anime convention held yearly in Southampton. Here is my take on the convention mascot, Minami-chan!

The image was printed on a giant roll-up banner which was sold as an item in the event’s charity auction, and also printed on a run of limited edition t-shirts.


Come With Me On A Journey Through Time & Space

Hello and welcome to my official art blog! I don’t know why it has taken me this long to start, but here I am! I will be posting finished illustrations, doodles, work-in-progress screenshots, information on newly released works, events I will be attending and anything else that’s related.

I aim to update regularly so please subscribe and feel free to leave comments. Hope everyone enjoys this blog, and I shall end this post with an old picture of my site mascot ‘Rina’ I drew years ago. Until next time!